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Tips & Questions

1.When am I vested under the Plan ?
When am I vested under  the Plan?

Prior to September 1, 2014, you became a Member of the Plan as of the first day for which Contributions were made to the Pension Fund on your behalf.

On and after September 1, 2014, if you are a new Employee, you shall become a Member of the Plan once your total Hours reported over any three (3) consecutive months equals 300 or more, in which case your membership date and your new Period of Participation shall both commence on the 1st of January of the year that your three-month qualifying period starts.

You are entitled to benefits from the Plan, also referred to as vesting, for all periods in which contributions were made on your behalf after you became a Member of the Plan.

2.Does this plan offer Disability Pension ?
Does this plan offer a disability pension?

A disability pension is not one of the provisions in this Plan. If you are totally disabled and are a member of the union and in receipt of disability benefits from the Canada Pension Plan, you may be eligible to accumulate additional service credits up to a maximum of 350 hours per calendar year.

3.When will my Pension Benefit Begin ?
When will my pension benefits begin?

The normal retirement pension begins on the later of the month you reach age 65 or the month following the date you last worked.

The early retirement pension begins on the latest of the month following the month you reach age 53, the month following receipt of your written application or the month following the date you last worked.

4.When to file Pension Application ?
When should the application for pension be filed?

No. If you are age 50 or older, your benefit must be used to provide you with a monthly pension upon retirement. However, if your benefits are Vested and you have not yet reached age 50, you may be eligible to choose the portability option and transfer the commuted value of your pension to another registered pension plan; a locked-in RRSP to provide a pension no earlier than age 50; or you may purchase a life annuity contract. Please refer to the Plan Booklet  for full details regarding the portability option, or you can contact Ellement Consulting Group directly by using the toll free number 1-800-770-2998 or by e-mail at

In the event of your death prior to retirement your spouse may also elect the portability option instead of receiving a monthly payment.

Must I retire at age 65?

No, retirement is completely voluntary. You may continue to work after age 65, however, your pension by law must start no later than December 1st of the year in which you have your 71st birthday. If you work past age 71, you will not earn any additional pension service.

5.Must I retire at age 65?
6.Can I sign over my Benefits?
 Can I sign over my benefits?

No, the pension plan contains provisions prohibiting any assignment, sale or attachment of this pension benefit. It cannot be used as security or collateral for a loan.

In the two circumstances noted below, a Court Order or Matrimonial Property Order or Agreement may be issued to assign or attach part of your pension entitlement benefit.

The Employment Pension Plans Act contains specific rules for dividing pensions on marriage breakdown. The Act gives your ex-spouse the right to have his or her share of up to 50% of your pension transferred out of the pension plan at the time of a marriage breakdown. You should consult a lawyer about your rights and responsibilities in the event of a marriage breakdown.

The Maintenance Enforcement Act contains provisions that provide for the potential attachment of an individual's entitlement if they have unpaid child maintenance payments.

7.Do Pension Benefit affect my CPP Benefits?
Do these pension benefits affect my Canada Pension Plan benefits?

No, the benefits payable from this pension plan are in addition to any benefits you may receive from the Canada Pension Plan and will have no impact on what you will receive from the Canada Pension Plan.

8.How will know what my benefits are?
How will I know what my benefits are?

You should receive an annual pension statement in approximately June of each year that will detail your hours and service and provide your status with the Plan.


If you do not receive an annual pension statement, please check with Ellement / FAS to ensure the address they have on file is correct. If you have any questions, contact the call centre using the toll-free telephone number 1-800-770-2998 or by e-mail at

9. Who to contact when my info changes?
Who do I contact if I move or any of my personal information changes?

A "Notice of Change" form is available on the website at

The Notice of Change form may be used to change your address, marital status, spouse or beneficiary. Once you have completed the form you should return the signed form to Ellement / FAS for processing.

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