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Register in the Member Portal

Member Portal

Register in the Member Portal

Learn how to register to the Member Portal to access all the features specific to your personal information and circumstances.

What you need to register to the Member Portal

  • Current email address

  • Your username, which we sent to you by mail. If you cannot find it, contact us.

  • Your SIN (Social Insurance Number)

Get started

  1. Visit your Member Portal by clicking here or typing in your browser

  2. Click Register

  3. Fill out the form with the information requested.
    Note: Ensure the password meets the requirements listed, as they are mandatory as part of the security measures to keep your information safe.

  4. Click Register once you have entered all the information.


Step 1 - Member Portal


Step 3 - Registration form

Important: If the user name, date of birth and last three (3) digits of your SIN match our records, the registration will be successful, and you can now log in using your username and password. If you need help to register, contact us for assistance.

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